Data and Tools to Counter Terrorism

Data Policy

Data and Tools to Counter Terrorism website

This statement applies to content published on the domain:

This website is managed by the E3 Unit of the Joint Research Centre.

This website follows the JRC Data Policy available on the European Science Hub website. The JRC Data Policy follows the commitments and regulatory basis of the Commission Decision on the reuse of Commission documents (2011/833/EU).

Our Data Policy strictly adheres to the following exception, mentioned in the Article 8 of the JRC Data Policy:

"Exceptions to free, full, open and timely access to the JRC data may be imposed for the reasons referred to in the Commission Decision on the reuse of Commission documents, in Regulation 1049/2001 regarding public access to Commission documents or in other relevant legal binding provisions. These reasons include: protecting the public interest in security, defence and military matters, international relations, financial, monetary or economic policy of the European Union; privacy and the integrity of the individual; commercial interests of natural or legal persons, intellectual property, court proceedings and legal advice, and for the purpose of inspections, investigations and audit"


Differently from the website, each specific tool will have its own and dedicated Terms and Conditions.

It must be noted that tools cannot be openly accessed: a visitor should follow the how to access guide to obtain access.
This will require the creation of an Eulogin account first, and secondly requesting the tool of interest and obtaining permission to use it.
When a user is correctly registered and logged-in, he then can request access to a tool from his profile page.

Access Levels of publications data

The Data and Tools to Counter Terrorism website hosts subject-related publications of the JRC E3 unit in a dedicated Knowledge Hub.
Within this section, publications may be:

  • Directly downloadable,
  • Requestable via email through our functional mailbox, or
  • Provided with an external publisher link.

Technical specifications

With regards to data specifications, we adopt widely recognized standards for our data formats.
Disregarding specific formats that might be used by the tools, we adopt the .png format for images, and the .mp4 for videos. Downloadable data, on the other hand, consist of either .zip archives, or of .pdf files for the publications.

In synthesis we use the following formats:

  • png
  • mp4
  • zip
  • pdf
  • Others (obj, json, geojson...)