Data and Tools to Counter Terrorism

Numerical simulations in the HVM domain

Vehicle Security Barriers (VSBs) are frequently utilised in urban settings to defend against vehicular terrorist attacks. They may come in various forms, including bollards, street furniture and landscape features. The effectiveness of such barriers is usually assessed through a singular vehicle impact test, in accordance with various test standards and guidelines. The substantial cost of impact tests significantly restricts the amount of impact scenarios that can be analysed.

Numerical simulations image

Vehicle dimension parameters, such as wheel diameter, vehicle length, ground clearance or cargo load can be varied within the model, as further illustrated below.

JRC research focuses on a deeper analysis of the importance of soil conditions on the performance of vehicle security barriers (VSB) with soil-embedded foundations.

Learn more about this subject in the JRC Technical report on the Methodology for numerical simulations of vehicle impact on security barriers considering soil-barrier interaction .

Numerical simulations schema
Methodology for modelling and simulating VSBs with soil-embedded foundations